How To Keep Your Refrigerator Cool in Queens, NY


Refrigerator Repair Tips From Ask The Expert

Host: As temperatures warm up it becomes all of the more important to make sure you’re appliances in your house are working properly and a big one is your refrigerator. Here to talk about how to keep your refrigerator running cool is Leonard Jordan from Bear Appliance Repair in Queens, NY. It’s good to see you Leonard.

Leonard Jordan: Yes it’s been a long time.

Host: It’s been a little while.

Leonard Jordan: Yes.

Host: So we’re talking refrigerators today.

Leonard Jordan: Yes.

Host: How do you keep your refrigerator running cool?

Leonard Jordan: Well there’s a lot of maintenance that you can do. One of the main things you want to check for in this time of the year is get that condenser clean. Make sure your door seals are sealing up properly.

Refrigerator Condenser

Refrigerator Condenser

Host: And this is a condenser right there?

Leonard Jordan: Yes, this is a condenser to a refrigerator that we actually pulled off and had to change because it had a leak in it.

Host: Yes, it looks like its seen some better days.

Leonard Jordan: Yes it has and it just got a small, what we call pinhole leak, leaked out over time but what we see a lot – we get this question, “Can I just squirt some Freon in there and get this thing working?”

Host: That’s not the problem?

Leonard Jordan: Basically if you’ve got it leaking out you got to get whatever component is leaking. The good thing is, the seal system problems on refrigerators are very uncommon. They are one of the more expensive repairs but most of the time they’re not a sealed system. It’s a fan, maybe a thermist or thermal cutout or something like that.

Number one reason why your refrigerator isn’t working properly

Host: What is the number one reason that usually your refrigerator isn’t working properly?

Leonard Jordan: I would probably say between fans and something with the defrost system. So a heater, a thermist or a thermal cutout, something like that.

Host: Condenser or something like that?

Leonard Jordan: No that’s a very, very rare problem actually. But I brought it in because I had it there in my scrap pile and thought-

Host: Why not.

Leonard Jordan: -that’s cool. Let’s go look at them. Most people don’t know what it is.

Host: I’ve actually never seen one before.

Leonard Jordan: Yes so.

Host: I know the one I had in my car not too long ago wasn’t working so-

Leonard Jordan: Yes right.

Host: I can tell you what it feels like to not have a working condenser. Now can you recharge any of the components there, the condenser or anything else?

Leonard Jordan: Yes. Once we go in and replace a condenser what we’ll do is we’ll go in there and evacuate that system and then recharge it, bring it back to factory specs. So you don’t ever want to just go squirt Freon because you’ve got all those contaminants, those non-condensables that are in the refrigerator that are going to shorten the life of the compressor. You’re going to have problems later.

Host: Plus you have food in there.

Leonard Jordan: Yes you don’t want it going out and in three four months it leaks out again. Now you’ve got this problem. So if you ever do have a Freon leak, something like that, you’d want to get it repaired properly.

Host: And you can’t just blow on it to cool it down right? That’s not a method you’d recommend?

Leonard Jordan: Are you Superman or something? No you can’t.

Host: Is that something you think we should do?

Leonard Jordan: Yes, 1-800-superman. No it doesn’t work that way.

Host: He does have a Bat phone doesn’t he?

Leonard Jordan: No.

Host: He just knows. Your refrigerator goes out boom. You know you’ve got to fix a problem right there.

Leonard Jordan: Right on.

Host: So obviously we need you to come fix it. If they want to find you so they can figure out to get their refrigerator back up and working, how do they find you?

Leonard Jordan: Well the best place is go on the web. We’re at Bear Appliance Repair or you can call us at our phone number for refrigerator repair in Queens, NY. There’s coupons on the web, different things like that that help you out with that bill.

Host: What kind of coupons you running for the refrigerator?

Leonard Jordan: The refrigerator we haven’t set that up now but we’ll probably do something, some tune up special. I’m not sure yet.

Host: Sounds good Leonard.